Home Renovations Perth

When it comes to home renovations perth, we can provide you with a fully comprehensive service throughout Perth, Western Australia and the surrounding suburbs. We have 30 years of experience in the home improvement industry and so you can expect the highest quality service. No matter the job, you can depend on us to provide you with the highest quality workmanship, expert advice, and an efficient process, covering design to planning to all approvals and construction. You can choose to retain the original style of your home or have it completely redone, giving it a new look. The end result is a custom designed home that is suitable to your needs. Our partners Metro Synthetic Turf, are our preferred partners for artificial grass installation.

Years of experience

With our years of experience in the industry and first class design, we can transform your house into your dream home. We are a reputable company and one of the most trusted companies in the renovations and home improvement industry. When you hire us to renovate your home, we shall remove the hassle of managing the project from start to finish, and you don’t have to interrupt your busy schedule to supervise the job. As a full service company, we can help you with large home improvement projects from conception to completion.

One-stop shop

As a one-stop shop, we can offer numerous services to you, and we provide you with convenience and efficiency so that you don’t need to go from one place to another looking for materials and equipment. We shall also assist you with the design, from countertops and cabinetry to choosing flooring, wall colors and even the lighting, we can do everything and you don’t have to lift a finger. And if you have some ideas, our designers will listen and they will do their best to ensure that they are implemented in the final design.

Experience and expertise

We also have the experience and the expertise to get the job done, and you can expect better workmanship because the job is done by skilled hands. In addition, the work will be done correctly and the look and value of your home will improve. You can save a lot of money because we have contacts in the industry, and the discounts that we get from vendors will be passed on to our customers. The finished project will look great and it will also cost a lot less. Even after the job is completed, you can receive reliable home support if you need emergency repairs or future renovations.

Licensed, bonded and insured

As a licensed, bonded and insured contractor, you are well covered and if anything untoward should happen during the project, our liability insurance will cover the workers doing the job. If your house is damaged during the renovation project, you will also be covered because we are a fully accredited general contractor with a high rating. A home renovation project can be quite time consuming, but you can save a lot of time if you allow us to quickly get the building materials, schedule the project, and ensure that it is completed within the least amount of time.

Services offered

If you need home renovations perth, we can provide you with home renovations, and we can also renovate your kitchen and bathroom. We also offer office renovations and all these services are available at a reasonable price. You will be provided with superior interior design services centering on functionality, practicality and energy efficiency, allowing you to increase the overall value of your home, enhance its style, and reduce your costs in the long run. The home renovation will be completed in good time, and our professionalism, dedication and quality workmanship will ensure that you have a hassle-free experience.

Kitchen renovation

When it comes to kitchen renovations, we offer a range of stunning kitchen designs to cater to various tastes, sizes, and budgets. If you need a beautiful kitchen at an affordable price, we can provide it for you. Apart from offering the latest designs, you can receive great advice from experienced consultants. You can choose from quality appliances from leading brands and you can also get user friendly accessories. The latest kitchen ideas are available and you will get a warranty on all of our workmanship.

Bathroom renovations

A bathroom is supposed to be a haven, and it should be the one place in your home where you can get some quiet time and privacy, especially if you have kids around. The bathroom also pays a vital role in your daily habits, and it should be a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. Whatever your needs, whether it’s a new shower or a new bath, you can get exactly what you need. We can resurface your bathroom or provide you with an additional toilet. You can also be provided with small bathroom remodeling and you can get a complete bathroom makeover.

Office renovation

On top of renovating homes, we also do office renovations and our commercial services are available for a variety of businesses. Whether you’re renovating or extending your premises, or dividing your tenancy, you can get comprehensive services suitable to your particular needs. Some of the services that you can get include partitioning and glazing, plumbing, electrical, data and lighting, demolition works, painting, tiling, furniture, joinery and carpentry, tinting and binds, and signage among others. From small jobs to large corporate redesign, we can provide you with a suitable package for your particular requirements.

Get a free quotation today

Renovating a home or office can often be a painful and thankless task but if you hire our company, we can ensure that the job is completed with minimal stress and in good time. Our experienced and skilled tradesmen will ensure that you get quality workmanship, and there shall be minimal disruption to your daily routine. After the job is complete, we shall do a thorough cleanup and remove the post-building waste and mess. So if you need home renovations perth, you can call us today and ask for a free quotation. You will know the price before the job starts, and you will also save some money in the process. The next time you need renovations for your home or office, talk to us because we are a one-stop shop that provides comprehensive services.